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Buying Facebook Likes – A Case Study – UPDATE

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It has been just over two weeks since we bought Facebook likes (for our case study) through a company that offers this as a service, Boost Social Media, you can find my previous blog here. So what have we found in the last two weeks since increasing our Likes? Well the short answer is "nothing much". The only positive I have found (so far) is that our Facebook Page "looks" popular to an untrained eye (See image below). If a potential client visits our page for the first time or sees our Facebook feed on our website, then they see that over 500 people like our page, this would give a potential client the confidence that we know ...

Have you checked your Internet Profile history lately?

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When was the last time you thought about the trail of information you have left online over the last 10+ years of your Internet life? I know I hadn't given it much thought myself till I got a tweet from @Survela inviting me to try out their web based service for checking your online reputation, privacy and security. So I visited their website, punched in some basic details (name and workplace) and after about a couple of minutes I got a report on my current Internet Profile: The report gives you a run down of all of the different Internet based profiles you have including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to even random profiles ...

Getting Targetted Twitter Followers – A How To

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How's your Twitter account going?  Very slowly...? Not really seeing value in maintaining those relationships? This How To focusses on getting targeted Twitter followers. Twitter now has over 200 million users and is a great platform to increase the reach of your small business in Geelong or wherever you are and for the sake of this How To I will focus on gaining more Geelong users. Boost Social Media explains the two methods of gaining more Twitter followers (Source: http://boostsocialmedia.net/twitter-followers-targeted): Method 1 - Follow-First “The follow-first option increases followers by following targeted users ...