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Facebook: What to do and what not to do for Small Businesses
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Buying Facebook Likes – A Case Study – Boost Social Media

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So you've started a Small Business and you've got an awesome website up and you just created your very own Facebook page. But what now? You've invited all your family and friends to like your page but you're not getting any results from your venture into Social Media. The marketer in me would say, "Create better content, interact more with fans and work on your inbound marketing to build your online business presence!" but small business owner in me knows that to do all that you need time and the one things small business owners don't have is TIME! Some of you might already know that there are a number of services out there that ...

Does your Small Business need Social Media?

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Does your Small Business need Social Media? This is a good question and the blanket answer would be YES but as I've said before, with Social Media, you only get out what you put in. You need to ask yourself the following question before you consider whether your Small Business will benefit from Social Media: Do you currently have any Social Media accounts that you use? If you or someone you trust in your business doesn't have the time to have your own Social Media accounts then you may struggle to maintain one for your Small Business. Social Media takes time and effort to build a following (fans), to gain new Likes, to ...