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Gardening tips for Social Media Managers

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I love gardening and have a variety of plants in my garden. Some are showy and colourful. Others are understated but still contribute to my garden’s overall success. I know I need to care for my garden to ensure it flourishes. However, I don’t want to be overwhelmed by its upkeep. So, I planned and created my garden with the following rules in mind: Carefully choose each plant. Identify the types of birds, butterflies, bees etc that it attracts to make sure they are the types of visitors you want. Do your research to discover the plants best suited for your area so that you get the best results. Always keep an eye on ...

5 Fun Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

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Almost every business now has a Facebook page, but many are not used as effectively as they could be. Getting more ‘likes’ or followers on your Facebook is the simplest way to improve your reach. Every person who likes your page will see at least some of your posts in their feed. In general, having more followers from your target market means you can reach them and also their friends and social circles when you post. This second, wider circle that sees your content when it gets shared or liked by your followers is what makes Facebook so powerful. Yet many businesses do not have a strategy to help them get more ...