Buying Facebook Likes – A Case Study – UPDATE

It has been just over two weeks since we bought Facebook likes (for our case study) through a company that offers this as a service, Boost Social Media, you can find my previous blog here. So what have we found in the last two weeks since increasing our Likes? Well the short answer is “nothing much”.

The only positive I have found (so far) is that our Facebook Page “looks” popular to an untrained eye (See image below). If a potential client visits our page for the first time or sees our Facebook feed on our website, then they see that over 500 people like our page, this would give a potential client the confidence that we know what we are doing or selling because we have people who like our page.

This can be beneficial for a small business just starting out on a social media campaign but the appearance of having lots of likes isn’t the same as having real people liking your page for what you do or sell.

Facebook Feed The likes we received are very much fake accounts, we have received no interactions from any of them, not even a like! When we gave Boost Social Media the go ahead, the likes appeared within 10 minutes, which is “unhealthy” if you think about how long it can take to get just a few likes a week on your own Facebook page.

The major downside with having “fake” likes would be that to a trained eye (anyone who has a some social media know-how) it would be very obvious that the people that like your page aren’t real or local.

Real and local likes being the name of the game in Social Media, especially for a small business. Check out the blog “How to Determine if a Facebook Business Page has Fake Fans” by Pam Moore for more details on this and how you can ensure you are doing the right thing by your Facebook page.

As this case study goes, I will give it a few more weeks before giving it my final verdict but for you and your Facebook page, I would recommend only buying Facebook likes as a last resort for increasing numbers. Nothing beats good content, great interactions and call to action posts on a Facebook page, nothing!

You want people to like your page because they genuinely like you or your business. This is the only way Social Media will work for your business in the long run!

Until next time, stay social!

Cheers Reyan


Reyan Fernando

The Social Media Guy @ Digital Funk