Facebook: What to do and what not to do for Small Businesses

Facebook tips for Business

A lot of small businesses create a Facebook page, us included, and then don’t know what to do with it. We invite our family and friends to like our page and then bombard them with posts that aren’ relevant to them and then wonder why we’re not getting any return on all the time we have spent getting likes! Here are a few tips that we have found along the way running a small business that will help. We will continue to add to this list as we research this further and share our results with clients too.

  • The most important tip is not to create your business page as a private user account, if people have to become “friends” with you, you’re doing it wrong. Stop, create a business page and invite your friends to like this page, then slowly wrap up the private account. A “like” is easy to get but a friend request means you are getting a lot information about a person, this can be a barrier, a barrier that you don’t need.
  • Do not post more that 1-2 times a day, unless your are a news organisation you don’t need to update your fans every hours on the hour. We know from personal experiences, if we see more than 1-2 posts from a page, we tend to block them clogging up our news feeds.
  • We don’t think a Facebook page is for every small business in Geelong, you can put a lot of time and effort into a page with not much results but like anything in Social Media, you get what you put in. If you are going to create a page and put some effort into it, ensure you do it on Facebook and outside of Facebook too. For example signs up in a retails store.
  • Create a campaign, not a like our page to win campaign, there are rules against this. But a simple, easy to manage campaign. For example, if you’re a Cafe owner, you can ask people to like your page and to tell you what they’re favourite coffee is and why, then pick weekly winner for a free coffee in store. People love free stuff, I know we do!

I will add more tips as time goes by but this should get your creative juices flowing, have a plan, create a campaign and don’t over post and you might actually see results.

Till next time, stay social!

Cheers RF


Reyan Fernando

The Social Media Guy @ Digital Funk