Getting Targetted Twitter Followers – A How To

How’s your Twitter account going?  Very slowly…? Not really seeing value in maintaining those relationships? This How To focusses on getting targeted Twitter followers. Twitter now has over 200 million users and is a great platform to increase the reach of your small business in Geelong or wherever you are and for the sake of this How To I will focus on gaining more Geelong users.

Boost Social Media explains the two methods of gaining more Twitter followers (Source:

Method 1 – Follow-First

“The follow-first option increases followers by following targeted users with the intention that people will follow-back.

We then unfollow any followers that do not follow-back. This is very important as it keeps your follow/unfollow ratio very low. Twitter cans your page and if for example you have 50,000 followers and you are following 75,000 people your page will lose its authority. A great ratio here would be that you are following 5k people.”

Method 2 Favorites

“The Favorites Method increases targeted followers by favoriting tweets that match your keyword targets. For example, if you have a rock band named the Elementals you could favorite tweets that have the keywords “What is a great new rock band” or “your band name the Elementals”. The followers that type these tweets will be alerted of the favorites and these users will follow in return. This method increases engagement and mentions in addition to followers. Favorites are a viral way of engaging with followers when done properly. We can really build a strong base of targeted followers using this method.”

These are the services the Boost Social Media offers their clients but today I just wanted to give you some simple tips on how you can do this yourself and manage it from the comfort of your smart phone.

Step 1: Get a Twitter account… duh! Sorry I had to put this one in J

Step 2: Get an account with, I recommend the paid account, it will only cost you $5 a month. allows you to monitor your Twitter account, see who is following you back and who has unfollowed you etc.

Also it will let you setup Welcome Direct Messages (DM) and Welcome Tweets that send automatically when someone follows your Twitter account.

Step 3: Setup the automatic DM’s and Tweets in, make it interactive so you get a response from people, don’t try to sell them anything with this initial Tweet or DM, this will only put them off. I know it puts me off when I get a marketing message first up from someone I follow.

Step 4: Work out who your perfect client is, for this How To I will focus on local clients from Geelong.

Step 5: Search for people that meet your criteria and start following them! I’d pick 1 day a week where you follow a couple a dozen (or more) people. The reason for staging this is so you can monitor who follows you back a lot easier.

Step 6: Every week, keep track of who has followed or unfollowed you, ensuring you maintain a good following/followers ratio at all times. If someone isn’t following you back and you can’t see any value in following them for you small business, then just unfollow them. Give people a couple of weeks at least to follow you back, there is no exact science to this but don’t be too harsh on your unfollowings either.

Step 7: Rinse and repeat J

Using these few steps you can start increasing your Twitter followers exponentially, just make sure you still interact with your followers as much as you can, give them remarkable content to share and keep at it. Was Oprah who said that something only becomes a habit if you keep doing it for 30 days?

The steps above should only take you about an hour a week, the interaction time with people will be totally up to you. Working with a smart phone means that you’re ready to do this no matter where you are!

As usual, if you need any help setting these up, don’t hesitate to contact us or if you can’t be bothered doing any of this and want someone to handle it all, you can always give a site like Boost Social Media a try.

Good Luck no matter which way you go!


Reyan Fernando

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Reyan Fernando

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