Have you checked your Internet Profile history lately?

When was the last time you thought about the trail of information you have left online over the last 10+ years of your Internet life? I know I hadn’t given it much thought myself till I got a tweet from @Survela inviting me to try out their web based service for checking your online reputation, privacy and security.

So I visited their website, punched in some basic details (name and workplace) and after about a couple of minutes I got a report on my current Internet Profile:

Survela Report

The report gives you a run down of all of the different Internet based profiles you have including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to even random profiles on charity websites. It really makes you think about where you have been and what information you have provided websites you have joined!

The brilliant thing about Survela is that it then gives you warnings on any Credit Card details that were accessible or any other important/warnings alerts that you should be aware of. Thankfully I have had zero alerts but if you sign up to their results, for free, you get a broader set of results on your profile and receive alerts via email too.

It also breaks down the results to Profiles, Videos, Documents and Images too, which allows you to go in and remove some of these if you don’t want them out there on the Internet any longer (see image below).

Survela Dashboard

Survela is currently in its Beta stage but I recommend giving it a go, you may be surprised at what you find and it can help you clean out your online presence. I think this sort of service has a huge potential and if they had an app that you can use, it would make our lives a lot easier.

I will keep an eye on this startup and report back with updates as they happen. But I recommend highly that you think about your online profile and do a bit of house keeping to ensure that your online history is what you want to be perceived as by potential clients, employers or even your mates!

Till next time, stay social!



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Reyan Fernando

The Social Media Guy @ Digital Funk