LinkedIn Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing your small business within Social Media is daunting at the best of times. When do I tweet? How often should I post something on Facebook? Is it worth Instagraming my breakfast? and there’s no correct answer to all of these questions… but maybe hold off on your breakfast selfie for today.

But one thing we have looked in a lot recently is the return of investment (time) of marketing within LinkedIn and more specifically if it’s really worth it for a small business in Geelong. Yes, you can set your self up as a business and yes you can fill your shared network feed with wonderful tid bits about your business. But where do you begin?

Firstly, build up your LinkedIn network, it is somewhat easy but to create some real connections! You need to get involved in the local business network. Go to a few Geelong Chamber of Commerce After 5’s, take a handful of business cards with you and get those connections started.

Once you build your network, over several months or even years, think about what you want to share with your connection. Ineract with posts your connections make, get your self out there in the LinkedIn social network.

Create a business page and ask for your network to follow you, ask for endorsements, give endorsements and you’ll be well apon your way.

Remember not to post too often on LinkedIn, like on Facebook, too many posts and people start to ignore your avatar, I know I ignore a few on LinkedIn myself. Offer information and links or newstories with your take on the current issue.

Above all things, be yourself on LinkedIn, there’s just no personality on LinkedIn and if you can bring that to someones feed, you’ll get noticed.

I hope this helps and as always if you need anymore information, please contact us today.

Till next time, stay social!

Reyan F

Reyan Fernando

The Social Media Guy @ Digital Funk