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7 Tips and Reasons to Come Back to Twitter

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Tweet, Tweet! A little bird told me 7 Tips and Reasons to Come Back to Twitter. Twitter has changed a lot since it first came to be. Those who were quick to jump on the bandwagon have since fallen off, and a community of diehard micro bloggers sit on their perch ready to rattle the cage. I had a Twitter account in the early days, but it seemed to sit dormant for a long time. If 140 characters seems like too many, then perhaps it's time to reconsider. I eventually flew the coop and deleted my unused twitter account, I'm sure my 4 followers didn't mind. It was my career that eventually called me back. I fell in love ...

Geelong Twitter Accounts You Must Follow – 2014

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I have been following the wonderful people of Geelong on Twitter for several years now and back when I first joined Twitter it was to struggle to find a couple of hundred Geelong Twitter accounts to follow but now we have embraced this social media platform so much that it's become second nature for me to check Twitter for all Geelong news and updates. Over the years I have come across some fantastic people on Twitter and today I wanted to share the current 5 Geelong Twitter Accounts You Must Follow. By following these accounts, you will not only be in the loop with what's happening in Geelong but also allows you to ...

How much is too much? – Marketing on Twitter

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No matter what your brand is, you would be silly not to promote yourself & your work on Twitter. You know you're hitting the right targets when your tweets are ending up in your follower's feeds. However, you can over cook it. How much is too much? First of all, it's important to remember that Twitter is a SOCIAL network. Perhaps it would be a good idea to connect with your followers on a social level. Ask some questions, reply to some tweets, get involved! If you are strictly business 24/7 and you never engage your followers, prepare to have your tweets ignored. If you're a Twitter user who only posts links ...