Does your Small Business need Social Media?

Does your Small Business need Social Media?

This is a good question and the blanket answer would be YES but as I’ve said before, with Social Media, you only get out what you put in. You need to ask yourself the following question before you consider whether your Small Business will benefit from Social Media: Do you currently have any Social Media accounts that you use?

If you or someone you trust in your business doesn’t have the time to have your own Social Media accounts then you may struggle to maintain one for your Small Business. Social Media takes time and effort to build a following (fans), to gain new Likes, to interact with potential customers and to keep them interested over time.

You have a number of options you can take;

1. Pick one Social Media outlet and focus on it, makes life a lot easier to manage one if you are new to the game. It’s not recommended to post across platforms from one but if you are time poor then this may be an option to get things going. You can set all this up in your account settings.

2. You can get someone like Digital Funk to run your Social Media campaign for you, for more information regarding this, please contact us here. Having someone take over your Social Media needs can save you time and gives your clients and potential clients the attention they need.

3. Use a CRM package that can integrate between your business and all Social Media platforms, once setup this can be a huge time saver. There are quite a few out there but do your research before deciding on one.


Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Reyan Fernando

The Social Media Guy @ Digital Funk