Social Media Marketing: It’s not just a casual affair

Social Media Marketing

A lot of businesses in Geelong think that being part of the Social Media scene is simply about creating a Facebook business page or a Twitter account and hope that they get Likes or Followers. Unfortunately they see no results for their efforts, or lack there off and simply assume that Social Media isn’t for them.

I agree with them, it’s not for them, Social Media is a like a good marriage, it takes a lot of work and most of all a lot of communication. How would you go no talking to your partner for a week (or two), I know some of you might actually enjoy that, but in all seriousness you’d be in trouble by the end of the first week!

Social Media is very much the same, you ignore it and it ignores you! Do you ever sit there wondering why you haven’t had a Like on your Facebook page for weeks or months? or why you you have no interaction on Twitter? or any recommendations on LinkedIn? It’s all about the communication with your fans or followers. But unlike a marriage, you show Social Media some love and you get it back without having to explain things 🙂

Some Social Media forums may not be for you, me personally I love Twitter, I actually enjoy it and it’s helped me drum up business locally in Geelong. But this may not work for you as well as Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIN might. It’s all about finding your niche in the world of Social Media and giving it the attention it needs to work for you and your small business.

I know this isn’t an answer on how to fix your Social Media issues but its more about you thinking about what works for you, what you are willing to give and what you are expecting from it. It will be worth your time considering these things and working out how much time you can allocate to it. Social Media is very much here to stay, don’t ignore it or it WILL ignore you!

If in doubt, get some help, the worst thing you can do is give Social Media the wrong kind of attention but I’ll save that for another blog.

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Till next time, stay social!

Reyan F

Social Media Marketing: It’s not just a casual affair.

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Reyan Fernando

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