The Power of Twitter: 3 Business Tips – Heidi Cohen

Twitter for Business

Twitter Business Tips

These are fantastic tips by Heidi Cohen about the power of Twitter. This is why we believe that Social Media is a key part of any small businesses growth plan.

Number 3 is why we love Twitter, Twitter enables customer engagement and communications. This is by far the most valuable resource to any small business and if you can get this right, you will really help your small business grow!

You can also use Twitter to listen to what your customers are looking for, what they like and dislike about products or services. With the right tools, you can do this yourself with ease. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Do not underestimate the benefit of Twitter for Business.

Read her write up here: Link:The Power of Twitter: 3 Business Tips – Heidi Cohen.

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